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How to request a Pickkon Local Personal | Business Courier Service?


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Service Range and Conditions

Our driver network is available on-demand as supply allows.  Drivers may travel up to 100 miles each way for a PICKKON delivery. Drivers will load the goods and will unload them at the arrival location, but if your objects are large and/or heavy, you will need to ensure that loading assistance is available at both the pickup and drop off locations, or you will need to arrange for an additional helper.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing for a Pickkon Local Business Courier is a minimum flat rate plus $1.00 per mile + $0.35 per minute.

Pricing for a Pickkon Local Personal Courier is a minimum flat rate plus $0.50 per mile + $0.35 per minute.

Prices are One-way from the pickup location to the final drop-off location.  All payments are conveniently handled by entering your credit or debit card information on our secure website.  Charges are processed only after delivery is completed.

Requested deliveries can only be cancelled free of charge within 15 minutes of confirmation.  After the 15 minute grace period the customer will be charged a $20 minimum fee.